Swapping Cams

Swapping your cam is guaranteed to take your ride from mild to wild. If you’ve added headers and an exhaust system, then you’re probably ready to add more horsepower with a performance camshaft.

Here at Phastek we’ve had our Lingenfelter Performance Camshafts listed, and recently we added a new line of camshafts from Cam Motion. Both of these camshafts are designed to improve your performance and both boast careful engineering with high accuracy machining.

Swapping your cam won’t be nearly as hard on your engine as adding nitrous, and depending on which camshaft you choose it can add up to 60 HP over stock.

The  camshaft opens the valves to allow more in and more air out of your engine. So depending on your build there are four stages of camshafts.

Stage 1 will be a more mild mannered camshaft giving your Camaro about 25 HP over stock. Stage 4 is the most aggressive and is going to give you anywhere from 60 to 100 HP overstock – depending your Camaro build.

However, a Stage 3 camshaft is the most common because it will give you a little more noise and a little more power.

Replacing your stock camshaft with an aftermarket performance camshaft is a big decision. Some things you want to ask before you choose a camshaft:

  1. Am I looking for durability?
  2. What is the application of this camshaft?
  3. What are your other mods? Do you have an aftermarket intake, exhaust system, manifold, etc?
  4. What other assembly products will you need to install a performance camshaft? Pushrods, springs, retainers, torque converters, etc…

Watch the Live Chat we did on camshafts!

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