Mods Under $500

This post goes out to anyone that works all day to make a dollar. This post is for the penny-pinchers and the savers.

Finally, all those with champagne tastes, can upgrade their Camaro on a beer budget. We have put together a list of four mods you can do to your Camaro for under $500.

We didn’t say it was free – you’ll still need to spend some money. But these are pretty simple upgrades that can save some life on your vehicle, change your vehicle’s appearance and these are easy to install yourself!

  1. Catch Can – Installing an aftermarket catch-can is going keep your intake manifold cleaner and preserve the overall life of your vehicle. We advise this for all the penny-pinchers that are saving up for something bigger to install.

  2. Cold Air Intake – Not only is this going to be under $500, but it will improve your Camaro’s performance and underhood appearance. Yeah, we know that some are more than $500, but for the most part you can buy a quality CAI for under $500.

  3. Radio Dash Kit – If you love audio and technology, consider replacing the radio dash. We have a few that are easy to install and fit very well. Replacing the radio dish also updates the interior look of your Camaro.

  4. Lights – We know our Camaro owners like their lights! There’s all kinds of lights you can switch out pretty inexpensively. There are LED sidemarker lights, third brake lights, headlights, taillights. You want something quick and easy to update your Camaro? Try changing out some lighting options.

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