Mickey Thompson Added to Phastek’s Lineup

You’ve outfitted your Camaro with all you can to improve performance, but now you are running into a traction issue. So what’s left to give it that extra push? Tires. The right radical radial can improve your performance on and off the track. That’s why Phastek has recently partnered with Mickey Thompson to offer you some of the best performance tires for your Camaro.

Phastek has always sold wheels, but over the years and after several inquiries we decided to add a select line of tires.

Mickey Thompson, generally known for drag or off-road tires, makes racing specific tires as well as daily driver tires. These tires will maximize your Camaro’s performance and are available for all kinds of enthusiasts.

The benefits of updating tires on your Camaro are:

  • Improved launch at the drag strip
  • Better overall appearance
  • Better traction for road handling.

The Mickey Thompson Street Comp tire is designed or the everyday driver that wants sometimes encounters high speed situations. It’s an ultra-performance tire designed for the streets and provides traction in wet and dry conditions.

The ET R and S/S Street tires are street tires that can also be driven at the track.  This tire is D.O.T approved and helps with hydroplane resistance while giving excellent dry traction.

The ET Front tires are for the dragsters and speed racers out there. These ultra light-weight tires use a tubeless construction. These tires will compliment the ET Drag drive tires for a complete racing tire package.

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