Let’s Talk Catch Cans

Sometimes peeking under the hood can be a little like cleaning between the couch cushions – you never know what you’re going to find. But in most heavily-modded Camaros you’ll probably find an oil catch can that allows for a cleaner underhood appearance and better engine performance.

Is the oil catch can an important part of your build? Yes, fuel is full of nasty stuff like cleaners and additives that can cause blow-by and clog up your intake.

Basically the blow-by will, overtime, reduce engine efficiency by coating your intake in oil and fuel. Blow-by has the potential to destroy the engine and it will cause a decrease in horsepower. Think of the oil catch can as a way to protect your engine. You probably have several Camaro mods already in place or in the works, so you want to protect those new Camaro parts.

And yes, we all know your neighbor can make a “custom” catch can with some tubing and an empty soda can. But we recommend investing in a catch can that is fitted to the Chevrolet Camaro’s PCV system for peace of mind.

A catch can has two essential functions:

  • Allow the blow-by gasses to vent
  • Condense the oil and fuel vapors while preventing them from re-entering the intake.

Installing an oil catch can is a fairly easy process. It will take you between 15 & 30 minutes depending on your level of mechanical expertise. And installing an oil catch can is pretty inexpensive Camaro mod.

Phastek has fifth and sixth gen oil catch cans listed between $89 and $200. We carry brands like Mishimoto and JLT.

Ricardo will install a JLT 5th Gen Oil Catch Can on YouTube Live tomorrow at noon. Tune in to watch how easy it is to install and as always feel free to reach out with any questions.

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