Exhaust Systems

Who is ready to get loud with their Camaro?  Besides you bought a Camaro because you want everyone to hear it.

So let’s work on making your Camaro loud!

By changing to a less restrictive exhaust you really wake up the hiding monster in your Camaro and give it the Muscle Car sound that matches the look of your Muscle Car.

Afraid it will be too loud though? Not a problem. There are many different exhaust to meet everyone’s liking.

The nice thing about an aftermarket exhaust is that you can have a slight increase in exhaust sound over stock, you can go full extreme, or you can fall right in the middle depending on the design and brand you chose.

You will also find that installation on most exhaust really dont take that long. Installation on most exhaust should take about 1 ½ to 3 hrs to install depending if you do it on a lift or jack stands. Now pricing for an aftermarket exhaust will depend  on what Model Camaro you have, the design of the exhaust, and Brand. You can expect to pay between $265 for simple muffler deletes, to full blown Stainless Steel Cat-Back exhaust ,which can reach upward of $1700.

Watch our Facebook Live Chat on Wednesday, February 27 at 1 p.m. to learn all about exhaust systems. We’ll have Nick Moncure with MBRP joining us that day.

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